Beyond Chazon: Secondary Education
One of the biggest problems we have in Chazon is that when our students finish primary education (14-15 years old), if they want to continue studying they have to go to other secondary schools. Most of the time, our students can not afford to pay an internal secondary school, where they live for the entire term, assuring them quality food, bed and education. The only possible option is to apply for a scholarship to the government, which grants only in certain cases, to study at a day school (they will only study, but live in their family home). These schools are overflowing with students, so many times the education they receive is scarce and many end up leaving school and start working to help their family.

We want to help Chazon students who wish to continue their studies, have the opportunity to do so. For this we have created a special Secondary fund with which you can collaborate through the Donation procedures.