Lucy & Samuel



Chazon Children’s Center Directors

Married for more than 20 years, the two have run a number of successful businesses in the Molo area. These include a chicken and dairy farming operation and a hotel/restaurant establishment.

While running their hotel and restaurant, Samuel and Lucy were regularly approached by orphans and street children needing food to eat. They fed them but they couldn’t help but feeling sad every time they saw the children going back to their difficult lives on the streets after eating.

Samuel and Lucy made a decision to sell their personal property. They sold off the land and the businesses they owned, and had acquired over their 20 years together. The funds from these selfless sacrifices were used to build the school and to help employ teachers and other workers at the Chazon Children’s Centre. At this point, they (and hundreds of local children) are entirely dependant upon the funds received as volunteers join in the effort and from well wishers around the world.

As Christians we prayed a lot for these children and we felt we wanted to serve them and help them full time.

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