Currently, Chazon receives a large part of its income through private donations. These donations allow us to maintain the project and try to invest a part in new infrastructures that improve gradually both the school and the orphanage. Chazon currently helps more than 450 kids, which means a large expenditure on personnel, food, uniforms and school supplies, electricity, maintenance, etc. Although we are focusing a large part of the investments in projects that allow us to rise money in Molo and achieve a self-sustaining situation, there is still much to be done. Our goal is that one day we can pay the basic expenses ourselves. In this way the external money we receive would be assigned to improvement projects only.



If you want to make a donation, either in a one-time basis or period-basis, you can do it through PayPal:


Also you can do your donation with a bank transfer to our account:

Instructions for a bank transfer (coming soon)


This method consist of individual donations of 1 Euro every month. If many people donate this amount every month, we may get a considerable amount of money for our projects.

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